Rates & Services

VAT - we are VAT registered in France No. FR 81 452 697 568

Did you know if your property is 2 years old or more, you will more than likely qualify for a reduced rate VAT at 10% but only if the work done is carried out by a registered French Artisan. Again we can give you full details on request.

Boiler Service - a thorough boiler service which involves a complete investigation of the boiler & burner, replacing the fuel nozzle, cleaning all fuel filters, vacuuming the boiler casing & flue exit & an emmissions test with print out and Attestation      170.00 euros + vat

Central heating installations of any kind are possible - you can have whatever you want!

As all installations vary so much between houses and systems required, it is best to have Sean around to chat to you regarding your individual requirements and the most economic and efficient way they might be catered for. We will then provide a fully detailed quote or devis as it is called here in France, with all parts and labour listed separately.

Have a look at our photo gallery to see some of the work carried out by ourselves.      




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